A diverse team of talented Cloud Engineers.

At Aknostic, we’re working towards the future of CloudOps, using Kubernetes to chart our path forward.

alex and team

Sustainable, resilient & reliable.

We live and breathe cloud-native technology and live by our mission: sustainable cloud-native infrastructure, wherever you need it.

We strongly believe it shouldn’t matter which cloud provider/platforms (AWS, Azure or Google cloud) you use. In fact, it’s even better to be cloud agnostic. To realize this, we use Kubernetes. Hence our name: Aknostic.


Fostering long-lasting partnerships since 2004

With the right mix of expertise and mutual trust, great things can happen.

The tech landscape is constantly changing, which is why we invest in long-term collaborations and help you find the best tools for optimization, as well as opportunities for cost reduction and future growth.


A culture that promotes innovation and discovery

Our roots are firmly in AWS, but Kubernetes is where we really shine.

We’re convinced Kubernetes is the next cloud revolution. It is dramatically changing the way we build and run software. It will give back freedom by creating a choice of cloud. And it will change revenue streams, resulting in accelerated innovation on software components.

We're growing fast at Aknostic!

Aknostic is gaining traction in the field of cloud engineering. And that's why we would love for you to join our team.

We’re a diverse, passionate, and slightly nerdy team of Cloud Engineers, with an informal, open and curious mindset. Our work is serious, but we do have a lot of fun together.

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