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We understand that these days, employers tell the most attractive stories about why they are the best company to work for. That's why we interviewed some of our most company culture critic employees. Here's what they have to say about Aknostic:

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Alex Kirillov - Teamlead

Alexander Kirillov's career in technology is a rich tapestry of experiences and roles. His journey in tech began as a backend developer, where he worked with banks, developing secure and efficient systems, and also in the insurance sector, focusing on data processing and management. Before transitioning to cloud engineering, Alex was deeply involved in developing robust backend systems for these industries, which laid a solid foundation for his current role.

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jasper geurtsen

Jasper Geurtsen - Staff Engineer

"What most attracts me in Aknostic’s current culture? For me, it's the collaboration ethic. Which is about everyone being actively involved and responsive. For example, when you have to deal with an incident at night. It's about leveraging collective knowledge and support to navigate through the problem efficiently."

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