Aknostic joins AWS public sector program

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Aknostic has been validated to join the AWS Public Sector Partner Program. This marks a significant step in our commitment to assist healthcare, government, education, and nonprofits to leverage cloud technology for innovation. Helping new organizations build scalable and cost-effective solutions. 

These often face unique challenges. Ranging from keeping up with rapidly evolving technology, integrating into a cloud journey, protecting sensitive data and ensuring the privacy of citizens. While being financially constrained, these companies are linked to various objectives. Think of providing essential services to citizens,  or environmental sustainability by addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices, only to name a few.


Trust, transparency, and relationships

"Aknostic is proud to be a part of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program," said Jurg van Vliet, CEO of Aknostic. "This partnership allows us to further demonstrate a commitment to trust, transparency, and building long-lasting relationships within public sector organizations. We believe that by helping them migrate to the cloud, creating a compliant, modern and scalable cloud infrastructure, together we can better drive digital transformation and innovation."

With this new partnership, Aknostic aims to bring its wealth of experience, knowledge, and innovative solutions to the public sector, enabling organizations to deliver better services, improve efficiency, enhance security for citizens, and leverage its expertise in creating safe, resilient, and scalable cloud-native solutions. Aknostic has long been dedicated to assisting companies across various industries in transitioning to the cloud, professionalizing their setup, and maintaining their cloud infrastructures.