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KubeCon 2024: A Dialogue with our cloud engineers 

Recently, an Aknostic delegation traveled to the vibrant city of Paris for the KubeCon event. KubeCon 2024 became a canvas for innovation, sustainability, and human connection. Julie Chenadec sat down with our team of cloud engineers experts - Flavia Paganelli, Maarten Kamoen, Rudy van Well, Alexander Kirillov, and David Guyon - to reflect and explore their unforgettable KubeCon experience.

KubeCon 2024 was a sold-out event with over 12.000 attendees. What moments stood out as particularly memorable for you all?

Flavia Paganelli: "The highlight for me was the gathering on environmental sustainability. Seeing a large, like-minded community come together, and discuss actionable steps towards sustainability in cloud computing was inspiring. This community is passionate about making a positive impact in their free time!"

Rudy van Well: "For me, it was the spontaneous interactions that were the most rewarding. Meeting people face-to-face, some for the first time outside of online platforms, and engaging in rich and meaningful discussions."

Maarten Kamoen: "The team-building aspect was exceptional, aside from the insightful talks. Connecting with the open source projects we use and the broader community behind them added a personal touch to the technical learnings."

Alexander Kirillov: "The team-building experiences resonated with me as well. It's the human connections that made KubeCon 2024 memorable, and seeing all these people coming together to tackle cloud-native solutions."

David Guyon: “I was struck by the scale and diversity of the conference. It was a buzzing place, with a community eager to come and learn. The shared enthusiasm for building something together and tackling complex challenges was invigorating. "

Beyond networking and learning, what were some key takeaways or insights from the conference for you?

Rudy: "The realization that to truly immerse and keep up with the cloud space, dedicating time is essential. KubeCon was a reminder of the vast amount of knowledge available and the importance of staying updated."

Flavia: "For me, it was spending time with a community focused on measuring carbon emissions in cloud computing. Thanks to their booth, the CNCF community was visible and we had lots of networking and insightful discussions. The synergy in our goals and the potential for collaboration towards sustainable technology practices was a significant takeaway. And I got to meet the maintainers of Kepler (Kubernetes Efficient Power Level Exporter)."

Alexander: “The conference was an eye-opener in many ways, especially regarding the Kubernetes ecosystem. What stood out for me was the realization of how key Kubernetes has become in shaping the cloud computing landscape. It's not just a tool or a platform but a gateway to innovation and efficiency in deploying, managing, and scaling applications.”

How did Paris - the City of Lights - enhance your KubeCon 2024 experience?

Maarten: "The beauty of Paris, coupled with the opportunity to explore the city with the team truly enriched our KubeCon experience. It enriched our discussions beyond just work."

Alexander: "Being in Paris and stepping outside of our usual work environment was refreshing. Meeting people from across the globe in such a vibrant city was truly inspiring and brought another perspective to our discussions and the conference experience.."

David: "The energy of the conference, coupled with the shared experiences with colleagues, made KubeCon memorable. From exploring Paris to eating delicious French food, it was a mix of professional growth and personal joy that made this KubeCon unforgettable”.

As active participants in the CNCF community, how do you see your KubeCon experiences influencing your future work, especially regarding sustainability?

Flavia: "Engaging with the CNCF community, especially in areas like environmental sustainability, is essential. The conference offered additional insights into ongoing initiatives and projects that align with our sustainable mission. Working with the CNCF community is a natural step for us. We are participating in various Technical Advisory Groups (TAG), such as Environmental Sustainability, Communications, and co-leading the organization of the global event Cloud Native Sustainability Week 2024."

David: "The diversity and enthusiasm of the CNCF community at KubeCon were inspiring. Moving forward, the experiences and learnings from the conference will shape our future projects and collaborations. Being part of such a vibrant community not only inspires innovation but reinforces our commitment to contribute meaningfully to more sustainable cloud engineering practices."

Environmental sustainability is increasingly crucial in our field. How did KubeCon address this aspect, and what are your thoughts on integrating sustainability into cloud engineering?

Flavia: "The conference truly draws attention to sustainability, offering both inspiration and practical insights into reducing our environmental footprint. As cloud engineers, we play a critical role in developing technology responsibly."

David: "KubeCon's focus on sustainability resonated with all of us. Learning from the various talks and workshops, we are committed to making sustainability a core part of our engineering projects."

Alexander: “The focus on environmental sustainability opened doors to new areas of exploration, reinforcing my belief that staying curious is crucial to navigating the future of cloud computing effectively. It’s a collective effort."

Through their reflections, it's clear that KubeCon 2024 was more than a conference or a gathering of cloud engineers, but a celebration of community, learning, and shared (sustainable) ambitions. While we're reminded of the potential of cloud computing and Kubernetes technology in driving change, it’s the importance of community and human connections that drives the industry forward. The conversations, learnings, and shared moments of team-building will shape a future as bright as the city of lights itself. 

A l’année prochaine, KubeCon!

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