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'Life in the cloud' published on Inside Data Centre Podcast

Watch our recent podcast interview on our perspective of cloud infrastructure in the Inside Data Centre Podcast.

In this episode, Andy Davis and Jurg van Viet cover a number of topics within the datacenter and cloud infrastructure landscape. From starting Aknostic and the evolution of cloud throughout the years, to the impact of cloud and its impact on the datacenter sector.

Jurg and Andy talk about sustainability in the sector and how Aknostic is working on an alternative to the public cloud: a local, sustainable cloud, with a unified measurement for sustainability.

They also touch base with the vibrant cloud community and especially the Kubernetes community. A crucial technology to the evolution of the cloud. But also the power lying with software engineers to make decisions on how to reduce emissions.

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Content of the podcast

0:00. Intro to the Inside data centre podcast.
1:21. How did you get into the cloud space?
8:26. What caused the explosion of the cloud?
13:17. Regulation vs. choice in the digital infrastructure
14:28. How can we help software engineers reduce emissions?
21.31. Future of the company:
- Local sustainable European alternative to the public cloud.
- Sustainability plugin for Kubernetes.
27:24. Challenges for the data centre industry.
31.39. What do we need to start and stop doing?
33.50 Piece of advice to anyone working in the sector.

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