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Welcome to the Aknostic team, Roberto D’Arco!

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Roberto D

Welcome to the Aknostic team, Roberto!

We are very excited to announce that a new colleague has joined Aknostic!

Roberto D'Arco is joining Aknostic as our new cloud engineer. Part of the technology team, he will be focusing on managing the cloud infrastructure for our customers. 

He likes to call himself the ‘documentation guy’ and Roberto will spend time writing and updating documents. It is quite important to keep track of why we choose a specific solution, to help future decisions and encourage knowledge sharing. Ultimately, it empowers our team to understand how processes work. 

Apart from work, Roberto has a very optimistic view of life events and is passionate about how technology has changed our lives. He has lived in the Netherlands for over 15 years with his family.

Welcome to the team! We are so excited to have you on board!