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Senior level 32 - 40h

alex and team

At Aknostic we are making an impact with our sustainable cloud infrastructures and we need another Team Lead Cloud Engineer to establish our mission. You will be a member of a team of dedicated cloud engineers in a growing and developing company, which is also a fun place to work!

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Your mission

A Team Lead is a senior-level professional responsible for overseeing a team of cloud engineers and coordinating their efforts in designing, implementing, and maintaining cloud infrastructure solutions for an organization. The Team Lead builds and maintains a close relationship with customers, serving as the first point of contact to understand their business and software roadmap. It’s a hands-on position, so the Team Lead is part of the team of cloud engineers as well. Comment end  

Your key responsibilities are divided in two main subjects:

  • Customer relations
    • Working with staff and senior engineers to proactively draw up,  propose and fulfill a roadmap for the customer's cloud infrastructure.
    • Recognize new solutions, possibilities and improvements from frequent interactions with client stakeholders.
  • People management 
    • Manage your team members, provide feedback, assist in problem-solving, and you foster a positive and collaborative work environment.
    • Work together with team members on developing individualized development plans. 
    • You inspire, motivate and guide the team towards achieving common goals.

Skills you bring to the table:

A team lead cloud engineer plays a crucial role in driving the success of cloud infrastructure projects within an organization by effectively managing a team of engineers, maintaining customer relationships, and delivering high-quality solutions that meet business needs. You understand business goals and are able to translate them into technical solutions. Therefore you are a senior cloud engineer with good customer relations and project management skills.

You have a learning and growth mindset; which means that you like being part of a company that wants to grow and improve to make more impact.

Concrete, you must have:

  • Senior level of cloud engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience as a cloud/platform/DevOps engineer. Preferably experience in Kubernetes and AWS.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience managing a team and therefore interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication skills, both oral and writing (at least in English and preferably also Dutch). Which means clear and concise communication with both technical and non-technical audiences, including customers, colleagues, and management. 

What do we offer

Working at Aknostic means you will get the freedom to organize your work (within certain guidelines). In return we ask for some flexibility to solve incidents outside of working hours when you are on call. You must be based in the Netherlands. On average you work from our office in Utrecht one to two day(s) per week, and one day per week from our customers' office. Other days you can work from home. Thursdays in Utrecht we all come together in our office at the Oudegracht with a view on the Dom tower. We have a nice lunch, there are company meetings and around 4pm we drink a (non-alcoholic) beer with each other. On sunny days we sail around the city on a colleague’s boat.

A senior Team Lead receives a good salary starting from €5500 a month. We also offer some nice secondary benefits;

  • Pension; with a contribution rate of ..% by employer
  • 25 days of holidays per year
  • Phone and Macbook
  • NS Business card
  • Subscription to CloudGuru/Pluralsight learning platform
  • Reimbursement for certificates to be obtained
  • Flexible working hours

Note. Freelancers are not invited to apply for this position.

About Aknostic

We are Aknostic. A passionate team of cloud engineers dedicated to building and managing sustainable cloud-native infrastructures for development teams.

Leveraging the power of Kubernetes, we ensure automated deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across diverse environments. Guaranteeing reliable and efficient solutions wherever you need them.

Our diverse and resourceful team thrives on the power of collective knowledge and experience. We believe our different backgrounds, nationalities, and perspectives make us stronger. That’s why we’re actively seeking our next bright mind to join us on this journey of growth.

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We encourage passionate individuals, even if they don't perfectly fit the mold, to reach out and learn more about joining our team.


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Together with some of the biggest names within Cloud Native Engineering, you help leading tech organizations in the greater Amsterdam region into the cloud. Which gives you the opportunity to work with AWS, GCP and Azure!

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